Christina Hendricks on University of British Columbia’s Policy 81

On December 1 of 2014 I had the great pleasure of meeting and interviewing Christina Hendricks, a Senior Instructor of Philosophy at the University of British Columbia (UBC). The main topic of our conversation was the consultation process and implementation of an open educational resources policy at UBC, called Policy 81.

Christina described her experience of reaction among peers, and emerging conflict with university administrators around this policy. She offered some very helpful insight from the faculty perspective on policy proposals and campus-wide dialogue about intellectual property and open education.

The interview lasts approximately 20 minutes. Christina’s thought leadership on this topic is well worth hearing, sharing and discussing. My gratitude to her for her time and openness.

Relevant links for this interview include:

Link to UBC’s Policy 81 (as it was articulated in December, 2014)

Link to Christina’s Blog, and specific posts on this topic:

Link to Christina’s SlideShare from her Presentation at the November, 2014 Open Education Conference in Washington, DC

Link to BCCampus Open Textbook Project